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Dressage News

November 2013 - World Royal, goodbye and good luck!

Daniella Dierks and World Royal

It's mixed emotions at Belcam as we confirm the sale of our imported black beauty World Royal. The 6 year old stallion will be making his way back home to Germany to continue his dressage career with sights set on Rio.

After being imported to Australia, where he was broken in and trained to medium/advanced level here at Belcam, this young superstar came into partnership with Daniella Dierks of C&J Dierks Advanced Dressage Training Centre in Sydney. The pair have competed with great success and earned a lot of attention from international buyers.

World Royal gave an absolutely spectacular performance at the Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships this October where he, together with his rider Daniella Dierks, dominated the competition taking Medium Champion, Advanced Champion, Advanced Freestyle Champion and taking the Dietmar Specht Trophy. This undeniable display of strength, power and trainability sealed the deal which has us all saying goodbye and good luck to this incredible stallion.

While it is sad to part with such a wonderful stallion everyone involved in his life thus far, and the Australian dressage industry, can feel a sense of pride in his sale. We see his return to Germany, the home of world-leading dressage horses and competitors, as proof that Australia is ready to be recognised as a major player in the international dressage scene.

Before his training with C&J Dierks a select few mares were bred to World Royal during his first and only season standing at Belcam. This year we are seeing the first of his progeny - the image of their father - and we can't wait to see more. Congratulations to the proud owners of these super foals.


Mel Van den Berge on Now On Top

At Dressage with the stars Now on Top finished 7th in the 4year old Dressage class. The Dressage was after the Jumping and the poor fellow was a little too tired to achieve the same scores as in Toowoomba, but never the less did a very sweet test to perform like an old pro. Riverside Kav performed very well to end up 16th against all the dressage breed ones. Well done Tor!

We had so many highlights and great moments at the Toowoomba young horse dressage, many nerves and too many laughs over the weekend but no greater moment than Mel who rode two beautiful tests on our and Anthony Murray's, wonderful imported stallion 'Now on Top' who achieved:

8.2 for TROT, 9.5 for WALK, 9.8 for CANTER, 8.8 for SUBMISSION and 9.5 for GENERAL IMPRESSION.

They won both days to be crowned CHAMPION 4YO. Tor had a great time on Riverside Kav to end up 5th and 6th in the 5year old classes


Pamela started the year once again with the help of Ulrich's sister Birgit travelling from Germany.

Birgit wasn't with us for as long this year but her help has been tremendous in the transformation of all horses and riders that she helps.

She was impressed with the improvement to all horses and their way of going.

Pamela Schuler on Riverside Pablo


Pamela Schuler on Riverside Pablo

All the hard work and effort paid off on the weekend that Birgit flew back to Germany. Pamela and the 2 horses travelled to Caboolture for the Official * Dressage and in both horses official start for the season and Gift' first ever competition they were placed in each test they performed. See below for results.

From the end of January 2007, for 5 weeks, Pamela had the great pleasure of being trained intensely by Birgit Cossen (the eldest sister of Ulrich Klatte). Birgit had come to Australia for 5 weeks on a vacation and during that time helped her with numerous horses including Riveside Pablo and Lander's Gift.

While Birgit was in Australia she helped many riders (dressage, showjumping & eventing) that are associated with Belcam and all remarked on the thoroughness of her methods.

"Birgit is a gifted instructor who pays a great deal of attention to fine points - horses must be on your seat and listening to your aids at all times. Suppleness of the horse in the poll was a one of the many areas Birgit worked on and once this is achieved the work was always more thorough and harmonious" quotes Pamela.

Birgit will return to Australia next year and we hope to organise some clinics for her during her stay. Watch this space for more details.

Riverside Pablo (Rider - Pamela Schuler)

Caboolture Official * Medium 4.1 (63.0%) =1st & Elementary 3.2 (63.3%) 4th

20.03 - Toowoomba Royal Show - Medium 4.1 (61.83%) 1st

25.03 - NADEC Official - Medium 4.1 (64.5%), Medium 4.3 (60.758%)

08.04 - Caboolture - Elementary 3.4 (66.29%) 1st, Medium 4.2 (65%) 1st

20.05 - NADEC - Medium 4.2 (65.489%) 2nd

10.06 - Park Ridge Official * Elementary 3.4 (64.143%) 2nd, Elementary 3.2 (70.294%) 1st

24.06- Caboolture Greater South Eastern Dressage Championships ** Reserve Elementary Champion Medium 4.2 (61.61%) 5th, Medium 4.4 (61.97%) 7th, Elementary 3.2 (65.88%) 2nd, Elementary 3.4 (65.43%) 2nd

Landers Gift (Rider - Pamela Schuler)

This is her first competition season after being broken in late last year, Gift is a 3yr old mare by Lander out of a Lubeck (imp) mare. Her first competition was at Caboolture Official * Dressage. In true champion style she completed a wonderful dressage test with a percentage of 65.4%. 5th

One to keep an eye on in the coming months. Keep watching this space for updates.

25.03 - NADEC Official - Preliminary 1.1 (64.167%) 4th, Preliminary 1.3 (72.8%) 1st

10.06 - Park Ridge Official * - Preliminary 1.2 (65.6%)

24.06 - Caboolture Greater South Eastern Dressage Championships ** Preliminary 1.4 (67.6%) 3rd

19.08 - Toowoomba * Feature Event - Preliminary 1.3 (70.8%) 4th

Belcam Concerto (Rider - Kira Maguire)

Feb 07 - Warringah Dressage Preliminary 1.1 (72.5%) 1st, Preliminary 1.3 (64.2%) 3rd

March 07 - Hawkesbury Dressage Preliminary 1.2 (70.4%) 1st

May 07 - Sydney CDI 4 Year Old Finals 13th

Belcam Gertrude (Rider - Stephanie Bryant)

Congratulations! Stephanie Bryant & Belcam Gertrude selected on the 2007 Young Riders Squad.

May - Toowoomba Official ** - Novice 2.2 (68%) =5th, Novice 2.4 (65.4%) 10th Elementary 3.2 (67.059%) 4th, Elementary 3.4 (67.286) 7th

May - 2007 Australian Novice Young Rider Champion

29.06 - State Pony Club Championships - Elementary Champion

Belcam Cadillac (Rider - Anita Bell)

May- Toowoomba Official ** Championships- Elementary 3.2 (58.67%) 6th, Elementary 3.4 (67.286%) 11th.

Kira Maguire on Belcam Concerto

Kira Maguire and Belcam Concerto


Pamela Schuler on Belcam Athens

Belcam Athens (rider Pamela Schuler)

Caboolture Official (March) - 2.3 (59.2%) 6th

Park Ridge (March) - 3.2 (60.74%)

NADEC (March) - 3.2 (62.53%) 5th & 3.4 (61.28%) 4th

Lockyer (April) - 2.3 (65.4%) 3rd & 3.3 (67%) 4th

Pamela Schuler and Riverside Pablo

Riverside Pablo (Rider Pamela Schuler)

NADEC Unofficial (June) - 1.4 (73.2%) 2nd & 1.2 (68.89%) =1st

Caboolture Official (July) - 1.4 (64.4%) 8th & 2.3 (62.2%) 9th

Toowoomba Feature Event (August) - 1.2 (66.6%) 4th & 2.2 (70.2%) 1st

South East QLD Dressage Championships - 1.3 (69.8%) 1st, 1.4 (78.0%) 1st, 2.3 (68.6%) 1st, 2.4 (66.0%) 2nd - Preliminary & Novice Champion Winner!

QLD State Chamionships - 1.2 (62.4%), 1.4 (66.4%) 3rd, 2.2 (63%) 6th, 2.4 (63.6%) 10th

Park Ridge Summer Series - 4.1 (60.5%) 3rd

Spin Memorial Newcomer Trophy for 2006 - 3rd

Kira Maguire on Belcam Concerto

Belcam Concerto (rider Kira Maguire)

Hawkesbury - Prep 1 (71.3%) 1st

NRC - Prep 1 (68.9%) 3rd

NRC - 1.2 (62%) 2nd & 1.4 (64.4%) 3rd

Official competition - 1.3 (66.8%) 3rd

Northside Riding Club - 1.1 (66.2%) 1st & 1.3 (70%) 2nd

Kira Maguire on Belcam Carioca

Belcam Carioca (rider Kira Maguire)

NRC - Prep 1 Test (74.4%) 1st

Hawkesbury Dressage - 1.2 (76.8%) 1st

NRC - 1.2 (65.2%) 3rd & 1.4 (65.2%) 1st

Warringah Dressage - 1.2 (66.4%) 1st & 1.3 (72.8%) 1st

Northside Riding Club - 1.3 (71.2%) 1st & 2.1 (69.2%) 1st

Belcam Gertrude (rider Stephanie Bryant)

Toowoomba Championships - Preliminary Champion

QLD Interschool Secondary Schools - Preliminary Champion

QLD Young Rider Championships - Reserve Preliminary Champion

SEQ Dressage Championships - Reserve Preliminary Champion

Wintercourt Pty Ltd Young Rider Novice/Elementary Trophy

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